Danielle is very knowledgeable about the challenges people face if they have ATTENTION DEFICIT [HYPERACTIVITY] DISORDER (ADHD/ADD). She is skilled in showing them how to organize and how to continue the organization after she leaves. She does this in a very nonjudgmental way.

C.L., Lake Oswego, OR

I worked in a private office and my desk was a giant pile of papers, with files and books surrounding it on the floor! I needed a functional and easily accessible filing system. The system she created continued to work for me for years.

Connie, Lake Oswego, OR

I started working with Danielle in 2005. She has helped me in three different houses! She has taught me the steps to getting organized and how to maintain it.

In one house I “knew” she wouldn’t be able to find usable space in my dining room, but she did, and then some. In my next house, I was frustrated with lack of space for my computer and paperwork. Danielle helped design & implement a custom desk space in my kitchen. It was awesome!

Connie, Lake Oswego, OR

Your work has made my life manageable.  Really, it has been life-changing.

Cindy, Portland, OR

I believe the most important thing we have accomplished together is you supporting me as I practiced breaking an unhealthy behavior. Each time I made the difficult and psychologically painful decision to get rid of something, I started a new and healthy pathway. Over time it became more and more natural and easier and easier. That is invaluable! It has allowed me to become competent at managing my life from day to day.

C.W., Lake Oswego, OR

You have helped me get started on overwhelming projects, break them down into steps, make tough decisions, and make sense of my space by choosing where things belong.  I am inspired to keep working after our appointment is over.

Cindy, Portland, OR

“Danielle of Totally Orderly has been wonderful.  I was fearful at first to make any changes, let alone major changes, in my workspace.  As I discussed how I worked, Danielle helped me plan and organize the space the way it works for me.”

Karl DeLyria, Portland, OR

I love the Totally Orderly way of life.”

J.M., West Linn, OR

“My office and files are so functional now!  Thank you so much – I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have done it without you!”

J.J., Portland, OR

“I’m smokin’! And it’s largely because of your brilliance 🙂 It’s amazing how a few of your well-honed statements, -isms, and ideas have helped me make big progress already … and I’m loving it! I feel more efficient … thank you so much. The occasional tune-ups with you are extremely beneficial.”

Mary, Lake Oswego, OR