Danielle helped me with strategies and tactics for decluttering my personal possessions and organizing my small business work area. She is smart, focused, experienced, and 100% committed to helping her clients achieve their organizational goals through individualized plans and systems. I highly recommend Danielle as an outstanding professional organizer!

Brian K. McCarthy, Executive Coach | Senior Instructor | Co-founder

Dani has given me tools that I use, sometimes daily, to get meaningful things done, to decrease the overwhelm, and to increase my enjoyment of life, while learning to accept my own style and methods. I’m living the life I’ve wanted to live!

M.R., Portland

With Dani’s help, I have solved problems related to daily home care tasks, career tasks and personal/spiritual goals.  Solutions for living, and managing this life, are more streamlined and unique, and geared to what works for me!


When I first started working with Danielle, I was in a near continual state of overwhelm, with life, projects, work, and home management.  I had ADD but did not know it at the time and couldn’t figure out why I felt like I was spinning my wheels.


Here is what sets Dani apart and why I am honored to present her with the 2016 President’s Award.  With strategy, self-sacrifice, and success Dani has taught NAPO the importance of: Putting the greater good ahead of everything else, taking risks and drawing outside the lines, diving enormous projects to completion, living out bylaws with intention and integrity, and mostly, thinking for oneself. Because of Danielle NAPO is stronger and NAPO is better.  Dani has moved mountains.  I am proud to present this significant recognition to my dear colleague.

Ellen Faye, Past NAPO President

When things get out of control, I want to run away!!! I get so frustrated when I can’t find what I want or when it just takes me so long to find it.  I think your work is a stress reducer for me and I think it makes me feel better about myself.  Also your work gives me…a sense of accomplishment. 

C.B., Wilsonville, OR

I am an inspiring minimalist and Dani [respects] this…she didn’t have me buy containers for things I don’t use. 

J.M., Lake Oswego, OR

Our new space was 2/3 the size of our old house…It was overwhelming to me.  I needed to talk about it, think about it and strategize. I wanted it to FLOW and work well with our family.  Hard to believe we couldn’t figure it out on our own, and needed Dani, but there is a science to it.  Dani has so much experience that she shared with us…even the college kids “get it” now. 

Jenn, Lake Oswego, OR

I needed support for sorting & decluttering, but the main thing that helped me was establishing a place for everything! It makes it easier to keep things organized. I can teach my small children how to bring a room back to order. 

Kristin, West Linn, OR

Danielle has had a powerful impact on my life. Without her I would still… feel overwhelmed by my inability to “just fix it.” I have referred Danielle to others who have been grateful for her nonjudgmental attitude and her solutions to their dilemmas.  I am so glad I have Danielle as a resource, and that I can still turn to her when I feel overwhelmed.

Connie, West Linn, OR