Productivity tips

Time management is often a component of our time. We know how productive we can be, based on how much we can get done in a block of time. Consider some of these expert time management tips change your productivity results:

  • Create a Master List of your goals and dreams. Choose and prioritize
    your activities to support this list.
  • Spend a few minutes planning every day, first thing in the morning or
    last thing before your go to bed.
  • Focus on important things, not urgent things.
  • Write everything down (don’t waste time trying to remember).
  • Put your tasks directly onto your calendar, not just on a to-do list.
  • Multi task routine tasks (folding laundry and talking on the phone) but not mental tasks (reading email and talking on the phone.)
  • Only schedule half of your time.
  • Put fun and routine activities directly in your calendar.
  • Teach your kids to tell time using an analog clock not a digital clock
    (you can’t watch the passage of time on a digital clock.)