My top three organizing tips

That’s a great question, and the New Year offered organizing tips aplenty. January headlines screamed: “Pretty Boxes and Funky Files Solve Organizing Dilemma!” or “Mudroom Makeover Guarantees Organized Life!” I dole out plenty of tips myself, but I can’t absolutely essential to success; and indeed, establishing or maintaining order is nearly impossible without them. I call them my “Organizing Absolutes.”

Tip 1 – Choose Homes:

Do you know where your keys are? The glue gun? Your ski socks? Each item in your house should have a home – thumbtack and small appliance. When things don’t have homes, they become piles. Piles clutter and before long -you’re disorganized. Choose a home for each item based on logic, convenience, and where and how often you use it. If you’re not sure where something should reside, take a moment and ask: “Where would I look for this?” house. Labels are great for reminding the rest of the household where things live. Once you’ve identified homes for all your possessions, cleanup will be a snap. Choosing homes is Organizing Absolute # 1.

Tip 2 – Weed Constantly:

Let’s face it garages are crammed to capacity. Weeding out the excess is an essential organizing skill. And it should be done on a continual basis, ideally every time so every time!) We have lots of excuses for holding on to our things (I might need it someday…It still works…It was a gift…), but having more stuff than space will always lead to clutter. Keep a donation box in the back of your car and toss things in it year-round. Drop them off while you’re running errands. Stay on top of your recycling by processing paper and packaging on a daily basis. Keep in mind that everything that enters your house takes up space and requires don’t let it in! Constantly weeding the unwanted, unused, and unnecessary is Organizing Absolute # 2.

Tip 3 – Maintain Daily:

Organizing your space is one challenge, keeping it that way is another. Knowing where things belong and purging the excess will put you ahead of the game, but daily maintenance routines are the only way to prevent a full-blown clutter fest. Washing dishes, laundering clothes, emptying the car, tidying up, removing trash, processing paper and putting away are the everyday tasks that keep your house ship shape. Get behind on these basics, and it’s difficult to catch up, let alone find time for a big project like hosting a party or overhauling the garage. Squeeze these tasks in whenever you have a free moment and they’ll hardly seem like chores. A daily “to do” list posted in the kitchen can keep the whole family involved. Daily maintenance is Organizing Absolute # 3.

I’m always reading organizing books and articles about the latest techniques and trendiest products.  But my experience tells me there is no one substitute for the Organizing Absolutes. They’re not very sexy, and in fact, they’re pretty boring, but they are the lifestyle habits that result in a general state of order. Your house will have messy days, amend even messy, messy days, but with the Organizing Absolutes, you’ll be able to restore it to order in n no time. So, next time you find yourself with ten minutes of time put a pile of random things away, fill l a donation bag with outgrown clothes, or simply tidy up a room – you’ll be on your way to an organized life!