“I know I look organized, but I’m really not,” confessed Trey, who lives in a beautifully decorated and seemingly immaculate home.

He and his partner work long hours and find respite in their austere surroundings. They enjoy shopping, entertaining and traveling and are fortunate to have the funds to finance these hobbies.

Trey is annoyed with clutter and spends several hours a day keeping the house “in order.” But Trey has a secret he is finally ready to face. He calls it the “scoop and shove.” Rather than putting things away properly, Trey will scoop up random items and shove them in the nearest drawer, cupboard or closet. These overstuffed storage spaces are becoming a huge problem.

But Trey has a secret he is finally ready to face. He calls it the “scoop and shove.”

When an important work file went missing, Trey knew he needed help. He contacted Totally Orderly.

Though Trey practiced good systems and habits to keep up the appearance of order, beneath the surface was a lack of logic or consistency.

  • Closets contained unrelated objects – clothes, holiday decor, and cleaning supplies.
  • Drawers were full of duplicate and triplicate items.
  • Important documents (and even money!) were lost in the “scoop and shove” bags.

Trey decided how he wanted to use each of his household storage areas. He chose beautiful baskets and labels to organize the contents until they looked and functioned as well on the inside as on the outside. The result was truly breathtaking.


Before Trey learned how to completely organize his space, he considered himself a “fake” – presenting one way on the outside and another way on the inside. But similar to Clare, he just didn’t have the know-how. Now when he sees a bag of paperwork hiding in the back of a friend’s closet, he shares his own story of overcoming the “scoop and shove.”

Trey is enjoying a surprising sense of freedom. The weight of all that excess had been a heavy burden.

In addition, Trey is experiencing an abundance of time now that he knows where to find things.

Do you relate to Trey? Give Totally Orderly a call.  We will help you discover your own organizing style. Be prepared to feel amazing!

I started working with Danielle in 2005. She has helped me in three different houses! She has taught me the steps to getting organized and how to maintain it. In one house I ‘knew’ she wouldn’t be able to find usable space in my dining room, but she did, and then some. In my next house I was frustrated with lack of space for my computer and paperwork. Danielle helped design & implement a custom desk space in my kitchen. It was awesome!

Connie, West Linn
This story is a work of fiction. All names, places, events or incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.