I’m hopelessly disorganized,” said Clare, a home-based business owner who took a risk and bought a franchise.  Her desk is buried in paperwork, unpaid invoices and product samples. “My family is counting on me,” she said hopelessly.  Clare and her husband knew she lacked what they called the “organizing gene”, but the franchise promised lots of support and a fail-proof marketing plan.

Clearly it wasn’t working and Clare feared she had made a huge mistake.

The rest of their house was suffering, too:

  • Stacks of clutter littered the floor. 
  • Weekends: Clare starts a project, get frustrated and gives up. 
  • Weekdays: Clare searches frantically for lost papers/arrives at consultations late and unprepared.

Clare and her husband contacted Totally Orderly.

They were happy to learn there is no “organizing gene” and Clare simply hadn’t been taught the fundamental concepts of order. (Her childhood home had been the picture of chaos.)

Clare simply hadn’t been taught the fundamental concepts of order.

Clare learned how to create a complete organizing plan for both her home and her business. She applied the concepts to one room at a time and saw immediate results. In just one session she learned how to dismantle those clutter piles! To maintain her progress, Clare adopted new systems and habits.

Clare was overcome with a sense of relief. For the first time in her life she felt empowered to make a positive change.

Similar to Leah, Clare was ashamed of her home. It was unfortunate that Clare had beat up on herself when all she really needed was some targeted education. Today Clare is so happy to know that anyone can learn to be organized. She is enjoying some traction with her business and happily shares her newfound wisdom with colleagues and friends.

Do you see yourself in Clare? Contact Totally Orderly today.

We’ll teach you how to get organized and stay organized.  You deserve it!

When things get out of control, I want to run away! I get so frustrated when I can’t find what I want or when it just takes me so long to find it.  I think [working with Totally Orderly] is a stress reducer for me and I think it makes me feel better about myself.  Also your work gives me…a sense of accomplishment.

 C.B., Wilsonville, OR
This story is a work of fiction. All names, places, events or incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.