“I feel like this shouldn’t be so hard,” said Leah, a former business executive and current stay-at-home mom with three young kids. Toys are strewn about, the breakfast dishes are still in the sink, and Leah is already exhausted. She and the kids had hoped for a morning at the park, but a lost sneaker derailed that plan. A “bucket list” is posted on the fridge and only one item has been checked off (Get Ice Cream!).

Was she disorganized? It was hard to say. There was evidence of organization:

  • Chore charts
  • Craft projects
  • A meal plan calendar
  • A homework area

But they were all abandoned behind piles of laundry. 

“I feel like this shouldn’t be so hard.”

Leah was known as an intelligent and creative top achiever, but she saw herself as a disappointing under performer. Though successful at work, she hadn’t reached the level she aspired to. As a full-time mom, she had visions of running her home like a preschool, but instead the kids were constantly in front of the TV. When she got a call from the school because her son couldn’t find his homework (again!), she hung her head in frustration.

She decided to call Totally Orderly. Different from Trey and Clare, Leah’s organizing skills were actually quite advanced. She used a calendar religiously and captured all her tasks on to-do lists, but something about parenthood had turned her days into unproductive blobs.

Leah disclosed that she and her son had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. She was still learning how this brain-based condition was wreaking havoc in her life. She was really struggling with:

  • Starting & finishing projects
  • Making decisions
  • Focusing
  • Prioritizing 

Together Leah and Totally Orderly identified ways to incorporate more structure into her days which had a positive impact on her and the kids. We implemented super-simple organizing systems that were “good enough” but not necessarily perfect. Leah identified the ADHD symptoms that were causing her the most impairment and sought support from a therapist and a life coach.

Leah learned to treat herself with grace. She is determined to work with her ADHD rather than against it, and she wants the same for her son.

When Leah reached out to Totally Orderly, she was mired in shame. She assumed her challenges were character flaws. Today she understands that her ADHD symptoms can be problematic, but she has a tool box full of strategies to make the best of her days. She shares her wit and wisdom on social media with other women who struggle with ADHD.

Do you see yourself in Leah? Call Totally Orderly today!

Depression, anxiety and ADHD can have a profound impact on our ability to be organized and productive, but there are solutions. Don’t despair!

I believe the most important thing we have accomplished together is you supporting me as I practiced breaking an unhealthy behavior. Each time I made the difficult and psychologically painful decision to get rid of something, I started a new and healthy pathway. Over time it became more and more natural and easier and easier. That is invaluable! It has allowed me to become competent at managing my life from day to day.

C.W., Lake Oswego
This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.