December is here and, finally, we are fully free to let our Christmas fanatic freak flag fly!
We survived October and all the Facebook posts bemoaning the early stocking of store shelves.
We soared through November and the cries of: “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!”
And now it’s December, the most wonderful time of the year.
Are you a Christmas fanatic?  Perhaps just a fan?
Here are 15 signs you might be a certifiable Christmas fanatic:
1.       You know your cookie sprinkles.
2.       You’re annoyed when the stores wait so long to display Christmas product.
3.       You give your storage boxes a “pat-pat” in the summertime and say:
“See you soon!”
4.       Your Christmas cookies are too good to eat (you eat them anyway, of course).
5.       Your Christmas Pinterest boards have sub-boards.
6.       You were secretly offended when someone decided Christmas sweaters were ugly.
7.       You love decorating for Halloween mostly because Christmas is soon to follow.
8.       You know your blow mold from your blow-up.
9.       You appreciate an occasional skinny Santa.
10.   Your favorite foods are candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup (and your favorite movie is “Elf.”)
11.   You’ve embraced colors beyond the red and green.
12.   You and the neighbors debate C9s versus C7s.
13.   You’re nostalgic for melted popcorn decorations.
14.   You take hot chocolate very seriously.
15.   You still feel a sense of excitement on Christmas Eve.
Surely, I could list 100 more ways we Christmas fanatics celebrate the season.
What’s the most over-the-top way you show off your Christmas spirit? 

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