Of all the products I use with my customers, I think 3M Command Hooks might be my favorite. And based on the ever-expanding selection available, I think others feel the same.
command hooks
Once offered only in white, the plastic hook now comes in a variety of “finishes” – such as brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze – as well as clear(my favorite) and black (great for the garage). The strong yet easy-to-remove double stick table is also offered in clear. I keep a supply of these with me at all times and never seem to have enough – they can be purchased online or at nearly any home improvement, craft or variety store. Here are just some of the ways I use 3M Command Hooks around my own home.
In the kitchen: to hang oven mitts on a cabinet door
(easy access + saves drawer space, too)
In the Bedroom Closet: to hang necklaces and belts
In the Office: to keep charging cords organized  
In the Bathroom: to hang a robe behind the door
In the Mudroom: for car keys
During the holidays: to tuck away unruly extension cords
The possibilities are endless… how would you use a 3M hook?

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