Hot Chocolate
 – mmmmmm –

the perfect holiday indulgence. A rare and special treat back when I was a kid, my young seem to think it’s their daily entitlement. Inspired by internet photos, and a little bit of annoyance at the constant concoction chaos, I organized our first Hot Chocolate Bar. A fair number of kids have already bellied up, and I’m thinking this might leap straight from “first annual” to “annual tradition.”

  These are the four essentials:


Obviously a collection of holiday mugs would be appropriate, but these generously sized ones work well for us. A mug tree saves space and offers visual height, but a row of hooks or a vintage bottle rack would have worked, too.

Cocoa Mix

Choose your favorite and pour it in a nice, large container. You could offer a variety of flavors, if desired.


I couldn’t resist these obnoxiously jumbo marshmallows (limit 1 per mug, of course).

Candy Canes are a must!

I put peppermint syrup in this Italian bottle for easy pouring.


I swore I’d never surrender to a Made in China vintage-inspired piece of décor, but this little crate from Home Goods was just dying to reign in all our sprinkles.

 I swiped this chalkboard design right off Pinterest and used Chalk Ink – absolutely love that stuff – to create it.

Fresh greens, festive napkins, and even a Santa or Snowman would round out the décor.

I think I’ll expand my Hot Cocoa Bar to a full-blown dessert station on Christmas Eve. Cookies and pies on tiered platters will surely distract little believers who can’t get their minds off Santa – and maybe the big believers, too!

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