Our long, lazy Thanksgiving weekend will be here in the blink of an eye – followed by twenty-four days of complete holiday frenzy. Who’s ready? Not me – not by a long shot (despite my Christmas obsession confession I wrote about here.) Certainly, the decorating and shopping and wrapping can wait, because they concern your own schedule; but here are five connections you might want to make TODAY, as they concern someone else’s schedule – someone whose holiday calendar might already be booked.
The Lighting Guys
Exterior illumination, as evidenced by Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, can be time-consuming, tedious, and downright dangerous! Enlisting the help of a professional Christmas Lighting company is the perfect answer. Sometimes landscaping and house painting crews add this to their service listing during the holidays. These guys have been at work for a month already, so call now to get on their schedule.
The Hair Stylist
Hopefully, you scheduled your next visit at the end of your last visit, but if not, you should give your stylist a call right away. Her regulars have already nabbed all the good times, but she might be able to squeeze you in for a festive up-do.  If your cut and color is already on the calendar, book your manicure and brow wax while you still can.
The Babysitter
Teens and college kids are eager to earn some extra spending money over the holidays and rest assured they are already getting calls for Friday and Saturday nights in December. Lock in your favorite sitter ASAP, even if it happens to be your in-laws. They have a social life, too, you know!
The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker
Hosting a party this year? Caterers and party planners started filling their holiday calendars while most of us were enjoying summer fireworks; so if you’re hoping to enlist the services of anyone related to entertaining – bartenders, deejays, and even housekeepers – make sure to do so right away. Already too late to the game? Teens and twenty-somethings are great at taking coats, serving apps, and even parking cars.
The Pet Hotel
The bird, the cat, the dog and the gerbil will all need care while you’re traveling over the hills and through the woods. Kennels, pet hotels, dog walkers and pet sitters can be extra busy during the holiday season. Make sure your reservation is confirmed with Fido’s favorite caretaker – so his stress doesn’t turn into your stress!
Thanksgiving comes with its own timeline and checklist; so it can be difficult to focus on some of these Christmas tasks when you have centerpieces and sage stuffing on the brain – but lock in these reservations now and you’ll be plenty grateful come Thanksgiving Day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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