I witnessed a SKID Presentation (Stop Kids’ Impaired Driving) this week. The students of Jesuit High School huddled on rainy bleachers while a graphic drunk driving dramatization played out before them. The reenactment gripped their every sense – ambulance sirens, helicopter vibrations, blood-soaked bodies, a sobbing mother – and absolute silence as the Medical Examiner arrived – a sight almost too unbearable to watch.

Hopefully, the full-of-life teens will reflect on the message. The adults certainly did – many brushing away tears as they shuddered at the thought.

Organizing, productivity, time management – the desire to be more efficient –they’re all about priorities. And we often experience discomfort, pain even, as a result of disorder. Perhaps these feelings are so powerful because intuitively we know our priorities are out of whack – that we’re spending too much time on the wrong things.

I hadn’t planned on attending the SKID program. I was facing a lengthy list of tasks and projects and was feeling decidedly disorganized. I wrestled all morning with focus.

And then something interesting happened. I watched the SKID demonstration and was reminded of my priorities – my REAL priorities – and the rest of my day was the picture of productivity. Perhaps it’s not the organizing that makes room for priorities; but rather, the focus on priorities that leads us to be more productive. Thoughts?

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