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Welcome to Totally Orderly... where your success is our goal.

This is a promise: by working with Totally Orderly, you will learn valuable organizing and productivity skills, function more optimally, and fine tune your priorities. Contact us today, and let’s set some goals. And prepare yourself, because an abundance of time, energy and joy is coming your way.

Meet Trey, Leah and Clare They represent our ideal customers.

Do you relate to one of their stories?

Do you struggle with where to start? How to end? And what are the steps in- between? We’ve got a variety of tried and true tips to for your convenience to inspire you.


“Danielle of Totally Orderly has been wonderful.  I was fearful at first to make any changes, let alone major changes, in my workspace.  As I discussed how I worked, Danielle helped me plan and organize the space the way it works for me.”

Karl DeLyria, Portland, OR

“My office and files are so functional now!  Thank you so much – I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have done it without you!”

J.J., Portland, OR

Danielle Liu is a dedicated volunteer who has moved the NAPO Oregon organization forward. Her leadership skills are strong, and her ability to lead others in a group is inspiring to watch and be a part of. I would recommend Danielle to any organization looking for a leader who does what they say they will, and does so with a smile.”

Brandie Kajino, past NAPO Oregon board member

“I’m smokin’! And it’s largely because of your brilliance 🙂 It’s amazing how a few of your well-honed statements, -isms, and ideas have helped me make big progress already … and I’m loving it! I feel more efficient … thank you so much. The occasional tune-ups with you are extremely beneficial.”

Mary, Lake Oswego, OR

“Without Danielle’s help I would have never gotten out from under the pile-up in my office.”

Trisha B., West Linn, OR

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