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Meet Trey, Leah and Clare They represent our ideal customers.

Do you relate to one of their stories?

Do you struggle with where to start? How to end? And what are the steps in- between? We’ve got a variety of tried and true tips to for your convenience to inspire you.


“I couldn’t have been happier with my Totally Orderly experience.  My crazy hall closet (under the stairs) still looks great one year later!  Thank you, Dani!” 

H.M., West Linn, OR

Here is what sets Dani apart and why I am honored to present her with the 2016 President’s Award.  With strategy, self-sacrifice, and success Dani has taught NAPO the importance of: Putting the greater good ahead of everything else, taking risks and drawing outside the lines, diving enormous projects to completion, living out bylaws with intention and integrity, and mostly, thinking for oneself. Because of Danielle NAPO is stronger and NAPO is better.  Dani has moved mountains.  I am proud to present this significant recognition to my dear colleague.

Ellen Faye, Past NAPO President

I believe the most important thing we have accomplished together is you supporting me as I practiced breaking an unhealthy behavior. Each time I made the difficult and psychologically painful decision to get rid of something, I started a new and healthy pathway. Over time it became more and more natural and easier and easier. That is invaluable! It has allowed me to become competent at managing my life from day to day.

C.W., Lake Oswego, OR

“You’d be thrilled to know that my cabinets are still in great shape [after three years!].  My sister-in-law was visiting this weekend and couldn’t believe how organized they were!  One of my best splurges yet!

Mary, Portland, OR

Danielle is very knowledgeable about the challenges people face if they have ATTENTION DEFICIT [HYPERACTIVITY] DISORDER (ADHD/ADD). She is skilled in showing them how to organize and how to continue the organization after she leaves. She does this in a very nonjudgmental way.

C.L., Lake Oswego, OR

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