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Welcome to Totally Orderly... where your success is our goal.

This is a promise: by working with Totally Orderly, you will learn valuable organizing and productivity skills, function more optimally, and fine tune your priorities. Contact us today, and let’s set some goals. And prepare yourself, because an abundance of time, energy and joy is coming your way.

Meet Trey, Leah and Clare They represent our ideal customers.

Do you relate to one of their stories?

Do you struggle with where to start? How to end? And what are the steps in- between? We’ve got a variety of tried and true tips to for your convenience to inspire you.

With Dani’s help, I have solved problems related to daily home care tasks, career tasks and personal/spiritual goals.  Solutions for living, and managing this life, are more streamlined and unique, and geared to what works for me!


I love the Totally Orderly way of life.”

J.M., West Linn, OR

Danielle is very knowledgeable about the challenges people face if they have ATTENTION DEFICIT [HYPERACTIVITY] DISORDER (ADHD/ADD). She is skilled in showing them how to organize and how to continue the organization after she leaves. She does this in a very nonjudgmental way.

C.L., Lake Oswego, OR

Dani has given me tools that I use, sometimes daily, to get meaningful things done, to decrease the overwhelm, and to increase my enjoyment of life, while learning to accept my own style and methods. I’m living the life I’ve wanted to live!

M.R., Portland

When things get out of control, I want to run away!!! I get so frustrated when I can’t find what I want or when it just takes me so long to find it.  I think your work is a stress reducer for me and I think it makes me feel better about myself.  Also your work gives me…a sense of accomplishment. 

C.B., Wilsonville, OR

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