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 Offices & Files

Even the most organized person can have a disaster of an office, with papers and files strewn about. Setting up a sustainable filing system is one of the keys to maintaining a functional office. Click on a link below to see some amazing before and after pictures.

Office Makeover 1
File Drawer Spruce Up
If You Like Piles, Not Files
One Gigantic Filing Project
Files in the Kitchen
Office Makover 2
Office Makover 3

 Office Makeover 1

Before                                                                              After

Before                                                                                After

     Before                                                                     After 

Before                                                                            After

This office (above) was buried in papers, but the employee was motivated to bring order to his workspace. This project was successfully completed in a fraction of the time estimated, as a result of the client working tirelessly in between sessions.  For step-by-step pictures on how we built a functional file system for this space, see One Gigantic Filing Project. Return to Top

 File Drawer Spruce Up

Before                                                                            After

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 If You Like Piles, Not Files

I can't take credit for this amazing solution (above) for a guy who likes to keep his papers in piles, not files. The homeowner designed and commissioned this horizontal file cubby system. Return to Top

 One Gigantic Filing Project


Paper, paper everywhere. This very busy professional's office was covered in paper. Every flat surface, including the floor, had succombed to piles and stacks.

Before                                                          Before

Sorting                                                                         Sorting

The first thing we did was come up with 3 broad categories. We sorted each pile (above), paper by paper, tossing each sheet into a bin labeled with one of these three titles. Lots of papers were also shredded or recycled during this stage.

       Categories                                                               Categories
Next, we tagged the existing file cabinets (above) for future files. One cabinet each would house the three broad categories. The drawers in each cabinet further divided each category, and more subdivisions were  made within each drawer.

Filing and Purging Box-by-Box

Then we began filing. This part went quickly since we had identified where everything would "live." Lots and lots of paper was tossed. The above picture shows a huge box of paper to be recycled and several bins that have already been sorted.


The files drawers start to take shape (above). We used Post-Its until we knew for sure what labels we would need. 

A file system that works!                                            A clean floor, at last!

And finally, orderly files and a clean floor (above). For more before and after pictures on this office, see Office Makeover 1Return to Top

 Files in the Kitchen

Before                                                                              After

This kitchen (above and below) didn't come equipped with a desk or file drawers, so we made our own, creating a mini home office where mom could prep dinner and stay on top of her paperwork.

Before                                                                                After

Before                                                                         After

Even a "junk drawer" (above) can be neat and tidy with the help of a simple drawer organizer. Return to Top

 Office Makeover 2

Before                                                                            After

Before                                                      After 

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 Office Makeover 3

Before                                                                              After

Before                                                                             After

Before                                                                            After

This office (above) needed a minor makeover, including a functional file system and better use of existing furniture. We got rid of an unused file cabinet and even had time to hang some pictures! Return to Top

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