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Ahhhh...the well organized kitchen: it's efficient and effortless, every utensil logicaly located at your fingertips. It cleans up quickly and sparkles when not in use. One can hope, right? If you organize one room in the house - make it the kitchen. Utilized all day every day - it truly is the heart of the home. Click on a link below to see some kitchen transformations.

Oils & Vinegars
Cabinet Makeover
Pantry Recycling Zone
Favorite Pantry Organizing Products
Pantry Makeover

 Oils & Vinegars

Before                                                                  After

Simple turntables (above) are the perfect solution to a cabinet crowded with oils & vinegars. Back to Top

 Cabinet Makeover

Before                                                                                 After
The cabinets above and below were "catch alls." After reviewing the needs of the whole kitchen, we identified one as a bar for wine glasses and the other one for decor - vases and candles, plus a small space for frequently used medications.

Before                                                                   After

The cabinets (below) had ceased to function because they were so crowded. Sorting and purging the contents resulted in two spacious cabinets to store items for entertaining and some cooking magazines, too.

Before                                                                              After

Before                                                                            After

  This cabinet (below) was supposed to house everyday dishware but had been overtaken by kiddie cups, insulated mugs and random items. We returned it to its intended purpose.

Before                                                                              After

This spice cabinet (below) worked well next to the stove, but it was difficult for the cook to find what she needed. Turntables and risers put everything in reach. We even made room for the cookie sprinkles (top shelf).

Before                                                          After

Finally, simple dividers made a quick clean up of this drawer (below).

Before                                                                                      After  
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 Pantry Recycling Zone

Before                                                                                After

Recycling bags had a tendency to collect on the floor of this fabulous walk-in pantry. By using bins that fit perfectly on existing shelves, we created a neat and tidy recycling zone. Back to Top

 Favorite Pantry Organizing Products

Baskets (above left) with labels are perfect for snacks, treats, pastas or anything that needs to be "corraled." Slim trash cans (above right) serve as a convenient recycling center.

Airtight canisters (above left, top shelf) are the ideal way to store baking supplies; shelf risers (above left, lower shelf) keep canned goods in view. Turntables (above right) are a handy way to store sauces and marinades. Back to Top

 Pantry Makeover

Before                                                        After

This custom built pantry (above) had everything you'd want: lots of room, deep shelves, shallow shelves, built in bins and even a place for canned foods; but with four busy kids at home it could easily fall into disarray. We used baskets to manage snacks and treats, zones to identify where items belong, and huge turntables to reach items way up high.    Back to Top

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