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A well-organized closet can set the tone for your entire day. Click on a link below to see examples from big transformations to simple "spruce ups."

Custom Closet for a Boy
Custom Closet for a Girl
Coat Closet turned Storage Closet
Master Closet - Preparing for Sale of the Home

 Custom Closet for a Boy              

 Before                                                            During                                                      After

The closet above belongs to my son. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't make it work. We took out the wire shelves and had a custom closet system built by Closets to Go. The see-through basket drawers work well for a boy who needs to see his stuff.  

    Before                                                       During                                                       After

The other side of his closet has more room for clothes, as well as shelves for some of his toys. The "before" picture shows lots of unused space; the "after" picture shows complete utilization of all available space. Back to Top

 Custom Closet for a Girl 
      Before                                                          During                                                          After

The closet above belongs to my daughter. Her clothes were small enough to allow for triple hung rods - we'll change those later. The sections allow for separation of play clothes, school uniforms, coats, etc.

      Before                                                         During                                                        After

Another section of her closet demonstrates the use of shelves, drawers, baskets and bins to utilize every cubic inch of space. Back to Top

 Coat Closet turned Storage Closet

  Before                                                         During                                                             After

A common hallway coat closet often has deep, valuable space and is best used for storage rather than coats. This closet was quickly becoming a "catch all." Its now used for photos, memorabilia and some craft materials. Back to Top

 Master Closet - Preparing for Sale of the Home

The closet below was in pretty good shape, but we needed to make it look larger and neater in preparation for the sale of the home. The addition of leather boxes above gave us a place to store miscellaneous items. 

Before                                                         After   

Before                                                          After

Simple solutions like using matching hangers and removing temporary storage solutions, such as the plastic drawers above, gave this closet the facelift it needed.


Plastic shoeboxes are a neat and tidy way to store your valuable shoe collection. 
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