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"If organizing is so easy, why is it so hard?"™ asked Kate, a successful business woman who, by most observations, was amazing, except for the piles of paper on her desk, countless unfinished projects, and a cluttered home never quite "company ready." She was smart, creative and so talented, but organizing had always eluded her. Sometimes she wondered if she had ADHD. She certainly felt like she did. Her boss was growing weary of her missed deadlines; her spouse was frustrated with their finances; and she was ashamed of the lessons she was teaching her children. But most of all, she felt overwhelmed. "If I could just get organized," Kate said, "I could succeed at anything." She wanted more time with her family, more time outside; she wanted to feel at peace with herself. 

 Kate read countless organizing books. She craved organization. But no sooner would she start, then she'd find herself spinning in circles, unclear what to do first, what to keep, what to toss, or where to put things. She'd buy things, try things, make promises and resolutions, all to no avail. Sometimes she'd actually "get organized," but it never lasted.

Kate called Totally Orderly.

Together we created a vision and a plan - one that was realistic and worked with her busy schedule. Then we found order and organization, first with her clutter, then with her paper, and finally, with her time. We developed systems and habits to maintain it. Can you imagine how she felt?

Empowered. Successful. Free.

Kate finally had time to walk in the woods,  read a good  book, laugh with her children. She is organized at home and at work. Her whole life is totally orderly. 

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